Jane Doe 4

My story: When I found I was pregnant for the second time. It was not a welcome choice. I was living in poverty, barely getting by. I was fighting my ex for child support, and not getting any support from the government. I was getting food from the food bank by times just to ensure we didn’t starve. There was lots of time we survived entire weeks on toast and peanut butter.

I was on birth control pills at the time and dating an abusive controlling asshole (which I didn’t quite see at the time…hindsight eh)
When I found out, I immediately went to my family doctor, he was great. The entire staff at his office was incredible. He talked to me at great lengths about ensuring I was making the right choice for me and understood. His nurse was very sweet while taking my blood and sending it off. I was told once they received the results they would call to schedule my ultrasound.

At no time was I offered a medical abortion.

After a few days my boyfriend at the time told me I was lying about going to the  doctor because they hadn’t called me back yet to schedule the ultrasound. So I call my doctor’s office and it turns out the hospital “lost” my blood vials and I would have to go to the hospital to have this done. Which I did, Another week went by and still nothing from my doctor. I called him and guess what, they lost it a second time. He said he would call it in that I was coming to have blood taken a third time.  (how do you loose vials of blood?)

Before I got back to the blood clinic to have my blood taken a third time,…I started bleeding and cramping a lot. I went to the ER like anyone would do in the same situation. I was marked as urgent and sat in the ER bleeding and in a lot of pain. I probably waited about 4 hours before seeing the Doctor. Once I did, he did a vaginal ultrasound, confirmed there was still a heart beat and said the next 48 hours would be crucial and to stay in bed and relax. He drew blood to check my hormone levels. I told him I was planning on having an abortion and the hospital kept losing my blood. He stopped short of calling me a liar . I asked him to send the paperwork to my doctor so I wouldn’t have to go back to the blood clinic and he said he couldn’t. I was told if I didn’t miscarry first, I would have to go back to the clinic.
Which I did. So 4th time getting blood taken and my doctor finally has the paperwork needed to get me scheduled for an ultrasound. The appointment I was given was 6 months out!!!! I called my doctor and advised them of this and he had to lie to them to tell them that it was a follow up from my bleeding the two weeks before.
Ultrasound went okay. I’ve had enough ultrasounds for lumps and cysts to know that the woman there are mostly cold. So I didn’t take their attitude as judgement for my decision. I’m not even sure they knew…but she wasn’t nice.
So by the time all is said and done, its over two months since I went to my doctor and if i don’t make it to Halifax in 3 days, …  i am too far along to have this abortion.
Again my doctor came through for me. If it wasn’t for him, … It never would have happened. Everyone who knew I was going for an abortion at the Queen Elizabeth hospital did their best to delay everything so I was forced to have the child. A child who’s father wouldn’t have loved and at the time I couldn’t support financially or emotionally.

Anonymous, PEI