Jane Doe 6

My story: I got pregnant at a young age, 19. My parents were floored when I told them. It wasn’t good news. I couldn’t keep my life together without a baby in my care and my boyfriend was a total liar and unreliable to say the least. My dad thought I should get an abortion. My head spun as I tried to work, tried to keep on, with such a weight on me to make a decision. I had nightmares of ripping my insides out to kill the baby. I realized half of my heart would be destroyed if I had an abortion and I decided to keep the baby. I worked full time and went back to high school until I was over due. I’ll never forget the way I was treated at the QEH when I was in labour. Forget about a birth plan. The nurses strapped a monitor to me and a student tried to put an IV in me but missed repeatedly, sticking a needle into the bones in my hand. I wasn’t aloud to get up and walk around like I thought I would be. They made rude comments to me and moved my legs around awkwardly and students lined up in my room to watch. When my son was born they passed him to my mother and he was quickly taken out of the room. I cried as the dr. stitched me up and took off their rubber boots and left me alone in a bloody room. A nurse came in and saw me crying and told me the show was over. I was taken up to a different room but my son was not brought in and I wasn’t allowed to go see him. Later on my mother brought him to me and I was finally able to meet him. I believe I was mistreated because I was young and unwed, but the man who got me pregnant is five years older then me and never sees his son, but nobody is mistreating him.

Anonymous – PEI