Jane Doe 11

So my story, 4 years ago I was in a very confusing part of my life. The things i had gone to college for weren’t panning out I had student loan debt up to my eyeballs, working a min-wage job and was in an absolute mess of a relationship. The guy I was seeing was very mentally abusive which wasn’t helping my situation.

When i finally decided that it was time for a change I broke it off with the abusive boyfriend and promised myself that I was going to do better,get out there and work for what I wanted in life. Then i found out I was pregnant!!!! My heart sank when I found out. I thought to myself ” how can you raise a child right now ? ”  i couldn’t even support myself !! how on earth could I bring a child into this world, This just wasn’t the right time.

Thankfully i have an amazingly supportive family, so when i told them they did every thing they could to help me threw this time !  They were very understanding and there was no judgment, so when i finally made the tough decision not to go threw with the pregnancy the only flaw in my plan to move forward was there was no help from our island health care.  After my parents took time to research via internet and my multiple doctors appt to try and get a referral with no success, I felt more and more discouraged, thinking that this isn’t how I wanted to raise a child that I wanted a better life for a child and I wanted to be more prepared at least be able to support myself with no help from family or friends.  After another week I decided that I was going to travel all the way to Toronto for have my procedure, My parents again were supportive of my decision and even traveled with me. The clinic in Toronto was very helpful not at all what i would have imagined The nurses were all very kind, supportive and helpful talking me threw every step of the process and insuring me that what i was doing wasn’t a bad thing!!! They even offered counseling afterwards and regular checkups to make sure everything was ok (Which I was unable to take advantage of because I had to go back to PEI ). before the procedure took place they asked if I would like a form of birth control for afterwards. As i had been on the “Pill” when i got pregnant I opted for an IUD which they inserted immediately after the procedure.

When I returned  home to PEI my mood was very low, Questioning if I had done the right thing, of if I was a bad person. Even though I had my family to talk to I still wasn’t 100% comfortable telling them how I really felt, and because PEI doesn’t have a clinic like the one in Toronto I had to deal with a lot of my emotions following the procedure alone. Yes I probably could have sought out counseling, but abortion being such a taboo topic on the island I was not comfortable doing so.

As the years have passed I realize that it was the best decision, I’m now happily married (no babies yet but fingers crossed) and have the amazing dream job that I knew I could have!  I strongly believe that women on PEI should have access to a safe clinic here ON THE ISLAND I know first had that making the decision to not go threw with a pregnancy isn’t easy on anyone, but we should be able to make that decision and not be judged for doing so !!! also we shouldn’t have to travel OFF ISLAND to get the proper treatment we need !!! sometimes its just not the right time !! but regardless your reason its YOUR body. !!

Anonymous -PEI