Jane Doe 12

My story: 18 years ago I was 22 years old, a student, working a part time job in a store and for the first time, in love with a caring, supportive partner. We discovered I was pregnant within a couple of months of our relationship. Broke, future undecided and really just getting to know each other….an abortion was the right decision. I went to an after hours clinic and spoke to an elderly doctor who did a urine test and sent me for blood work (I already had done a home pregnancy test). He called me about a week later at my job to confirm my pregnancy and wished me luck with my journey. I found the number for the Halifax clinic in a phone book and called to make an appointment. In the mean time, I became very ill and had to be hospitalized for dehydration. The doctor and nurses were aware of my situation and kept me iv fluids and strong anti nausea drugs. I was administered a medication that I had a severe allergic reaction to. I was not examined or given an ultrasound. I felt like I was in the dark. I was sent home with in my vomit covered shirt and told to make my arrangements for Halifax. My boyfriend and I told my mother our situation. It broke her heart but she lent us the money. It was such a difficult day. When we returned my room mate shunned me. I was so tired, I felt so sick. The clinic called a few days after to see how I was and suggested follow up care. I know at the time I made the right decision but upon reflection I wish I was treated with support, kindness and dignity. I am a fortunate woman with the same loving partner and wonderful children. I worry my nieces, friends and families will not have the reproductive justice they deserve.

Anonymous – PEI