Jane Doe 13

My story: I was 16, in my first sexual relationship, and dreaming of university.  I took a home pregnancy test and knew instantly that I would NOT continue with the pregnancy. I got my boyfriend to punch me in the stomach several times. We tried having really rough sex. I tried getting really drunk. I tried EVERYTHING to cause a miscarriage with no luck. I was freaking out.

I tried to find information about getting an abortion on P.E.I. and found out about the Morgentaler clinic in Halifax. That was the only option that I knew existed. I called them to make an appointment and they told me that I should go to my doctor and get a blood test done before I go to Halifax.

When I went to see my doctor he took my blood but told me that home pregnancy tests are very accurate and that I was most likely pregnant. He said something like “So what’s your plan” and I replied “well I’m sixteen, I’m going to have an abortion”. He just nodded and left the room without saying anything else. He never told me about an option to get the abortion done at a hospital.  I called to get the blood test results a few days later and was told that the results never came back to them from the hospital. I called again a couple days later and was told the same thing. In fact, the test results NEVER came in. It was not until years later I realized the malicious intent.  They thought that they could stall me until it was too late, but I was determined to terminate the pregnancy regardless of the obstacles. I went to the clinic without ever getting the blood test results.

I was very fortunate to have a wonderful, caring woman (my boyfriend’s mother) drive me to the appointment. She loaned me the (approximately) $750, drove me to the clinic in Halifax, and never treated me any differently. I have since paid her back the money, but I will always owe that woman so much more. She is my heroine.
The clinic told me to go to a doctor for a check up after the abortion. I remember getting a list of Island doctors that were pro-choice that I could go to. I never did. I was shocked that I had a list of doctors. I didn’t realize that some doctors would not give me a check-up because they were anti-abortion. That really blew my mind. Years later a gynecologist asked if I had ever been pregnant. I told him about the abortion. He was rude to me and VERY rough with me afterwards. I never went back to a gynecologist.

Since then I have driven two other women to clinics ‘off-Island’. I am honored that they trusted me to be their confidant and to have been able to help them. I know how important it is to have that person.

Anonymous – PEI