Jane Doe 15

My story: I was 17 years old, and terrified. I had all the information for my health card but no health card making this already hard process 100 times harder although I could give all info apparently I couldn’t prove who I was which made blood work take extra time and time is important, I went to a clinic they were very clueless about any information on going to get an abortion first I was told I’d be going Moncton and that I had to pay for the trip and medical cost wait what?? I was terrified how was I suppose to pay for all of that and find a way there me not being allowed to drive.  After going through hell and back having them calling my family doctors office to prove who I was ( I did not want my family doctor to know) the blood work was finally done and then they told me I’d be going to Halifax wait what?? Even farther than I was told before, they would not tell me how far along I was even after my ultrasound would not tell me anything what so ever! I was terrified I waited probably 3 weeks for the abortion date to be given to me, I was so so sick the whole pregnancy I mean couldn’t even get out of bed but hey it’s a waiting process and a torturous one for any poor woman on PEI and I was given a call from the clinic informing me that they won’t do my follow up check up there so after all the amazing care I received in Halifax I came back here did not get a check up or any further care. I’m so thankful I had no complications I don’t know what I would have done in Courtney’s position… As no one could find out right? I still can’t get over how unhelpful how clueless and how careless every nurse and doctor I dealt with on PEI  was. Worst experience of my life and such a hard thing to have to go through to begin with.

Anonymous – PEI