My story: It was the early ’80s when refugees from war torn parts of the world like Vietnam, Central America and Poland were coming to Prince Edward Island to start a new life. I was an ESL teacher at Holland College helping to settle anxious New Canadians.  These families were learning English while dealing with separation from their extended family support systems.  One day two of my students came to me for help in getting an abortion having come from a country where this was a routine practice.  They already had a family and were not able to cope with an addition at this traumatic time in their lives.  After much secret searching for information I was able to advise them on how to proceed.  Their choices were to drive to either Bar Harbour, Maine or Montreal, QC costing them up to $1000 – money they did not have.  We scrapped up the money and I kept their kids while they hit the road for a service that could have taken thirty minutes at a local hospital.

I was left asking – where is the justice in this?

from Marian White, Tracadie, PEI