42 years ago I had a abortion, at the Toronto General Hospital, My father had just walked out on my mother and my 3 younger siblings. He left with our 15 year-old babysitter. My mom had a mental breakdown walked out and took the two younger ones and returned home to New Brunswick and was committed to a Mental institution. She left my sister and myself behind on the streets of Toronto. I was 13 and a half and my sister 12 and a half all alone we had no idea she had left us we thought she was visiting friends. Six weeks later our father and our babysitter came and took us but by then, my sister was pregnant at 13 and had her baby at 14 moved in with the father of the baby and she kept it. She lived a life of horrible abuse with him. I then got pregnant at 15 and decided to have a abortion, it was a very tough decision but it was the right one for me, and the tears and heartache and confusion I went through was hell. The young boy had been in and out of reform school and ended a in a life of crime and jail. It was my right as a female and no one should judge why or deny!

Gail Dugay – PEI