Jane Doe 26

Hear me out to the end… I am a 28 year old mother of two.  I have two wonderful kids one of which occurred when I was a teenager. There was no decision for me to make when I found out that I was pregnant because I always knew I wanted kids and I had unconditional support from those around me. I add my story not because I was mistreated by the system, but I add it because I know how very different my life is now because of the decision I made to keep my babies. I dropped out of school (I’ve since gotten some education and a decent job) but I can’t always provide the material things for my kids that they deserve. I didn’t get the chance to go find myself before having to become someone else’s everything. There are days when I look back and wonder what I might have become if I had made a different choice. But that is the kicker right? I made a choice.. It was my decision to make. Something as life altering as becoming a parent, something as important as bringing another human being into the world to raise and take care of should be no ones choice but yours. It always makes me a bit sick when I think of old politicians sitting around a table making life altering decisions for young women. It’s beyond time for that to end. As women we deserve the right to control our own destiny.

Anonymous – PEI