Jane Doe 28

My story: Baby Albion was buried today and the value of that tiny life was apparent in our Island community. However, many babies who are just not as far along in their life’s journey, have no apparent value. We are all at that stage, and we had no value either??

Statistics (Sources: Torres and Forrest, 1988 (1987)) indicate that the reasons for abortion are:

21% – Inadequate finances
21% – Not ready for the responsibility
16% – changes the woman’s life too much
12% – problems with relationship; unmarried
11% – too young; not mature
8% – children are grown – not planning on a new child
11% – all the other reasons including, rape, incest, health problems, etc.

The fact that so many women don’t earn enough money to feel they can support their baby – the fact they feel they are not supported by their spouse – these are the real issues which need to be resolved. We need to value the lives of the unborn, as well as all lives – at every stage in the journey. It is a sign of a very broken society when we don’t.

Anonymous – PEI