Jane Doe 30

My story: It was about 1968 and I enjoying my early days as a single women with a new job in Montreal and a shared apartment with 3 other gals.  Life was fun and carefree.  I was in a relationship with a nice guy but knew he was not a long term person for me.  I had too much living and experiencing to do and sex for me was really recreational then.  I had no guilt or hangups.  When I got pregnant, all I could think of was solving “the problem”.  A worldly male friend I approached about it put me in touch with Dr. Morgentaler. Those were early years in his quest to legalize abortion and make it more accessible to those women in need.  I felt uncomfortable going to his office for the procedure and not seeing where it was and what it was like, so I made a prelim appointment to see the setup.  They were very nice and took the time ti show me around and explain the procedure.  It was not a dingy back room on a kitchen table as I had envisioned.  It was clean and professional.  All was taken care of through a vacuum process on the following appointment.  I arrived with $400 in cash in my purse and gladly handed it over–this was about 45 years ago, lots of money for a single working girl.  I did not tell anyone else for many years after.  I have told others now and even my dear daughter knows.

I must add that my “recreational” sex from my youth probably was the contributing cause of my stage 3 cervical cancer about 25 years ago.  HPV must have been a factor back then too.  It was successfully cured through tough radiation and chemo treatments–luckily for me.

Anonymous – PEI


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